Band Rentals

West Bend Music Academy – School Band & Orchestra Rental Program



All rentals include maintenance fees in their monthly rate. 

Woodwind and Brass Rental Prices

Alto Saxophone$35.00/Month
French Horn$21.00/Month

Orchestra Rental Prices

Violin Bronze Tier$19.00/Month
Violin Gold Tier$21.00/Month
Viola Bronze Tier$19.00/Month
Viola Gold Tier$21.00/Month
Cello $26.00/Month

Percussion Kit Rental Prices

Bell Kit$19.00/Month
Percussion Bell and Snare Combo Kit$21.00/Month

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ’s 

Can I try instruments in the store to help decide which one we would like to rent?
Yes! Our sales staff is happy to help you test instruments and help you find the right fit.

What if we decide to change instruments?
No problem! If the instrument your child picked does not meet their needs, you can switch to another instrument type at any time during the rental period.

What is included in the rental?

  • Flute: Instrument, Cleaning rod, and Case
  • Clarinet: Instrument, Mouthpiece, Mouthpiece Cap, Ligature, Case
  • Saxophone: Instrument, Mouthpiece, Mouthpiece cap, Ligature, Case
  • Brass: Instrument, Mouthpiece, Case
  • Orchestra: Instrument (Strung), Bow, Rosin, Case
  • Bell Kit Rentals Contain: bells, stand, drum pad, mallet sticks, drumsticks, and case
  • Percussion Kit: Snare, Bells, Stand Base, Practice Pad, Snare Stand Top, Bell Stand Top, Drum Sticks, Mallets, Case


What happens if my instrument is in need of repair?
We’ve got you covered! All rental fees include the Maintenance and Accidental Damage Plan, which covers all labor and supplies to keep the rental instrument in top playing condition.
The Maintenance and Accidental Damage Plan does NOT cover the following: the cost of any part or accessory that is part of the rental instrument, damage caused by repairs not done by West Bend Music Academy, damage caused by home repairs, damage caused by abuse, damaged or lost cases, loss by fire, flood, or theft.

Can I get a loaner instrument if my instrument is being repaired?
Yes! The Maintenance and Accidental Damage Plan includes free loaners, should your rental instrument need to be repaired.

How do I end a rental contract?
Your rental contract ends when you return the instrument to us. All past rent you have paid is lost when you end a rental contract and can no longer be applied to an instrument in the future.

Can I leave the instrument at school?
No. Instruments should not be left at school unless you have arranged a pick up by submitting a rental return request. If you have not submitted a rental return request, it is your responsibility to return the instrument to West Bend Music Academy if you wish to end your rental contract.