West Bend Music Academy – Lesson Program

We provide private music lessons for the following instruments:

Guitar- Bass- Piano- Organ- Flute- Clarinet Saxophone- Voice- Banjo- Mandolin- Drums and more!

Group lessons are available for the following:

Piano, Guitar, Percussion, Recording & Live Sound.

Music builds learning skills: Childhood is the perfect time to start exploring the arts. Music enhances natural creative impulses, and helps them develop the skills they need to concentrate, cooperate, coordinate, and express themselves.

Proven research: Studies have shown that music can promote problem solving and better listening skills, concentration, emotional growth and self esteem.

Adults benefit from lessons too!  Everyone has their own innate musical talent, and a private teacher can help you discover yours. Your teacher will develop customized lesson plans that incorporate technical and artistic development into your musical interests. Whatever your level, whatever your available time, you can master an instrument if you practice consistently!


Our unique lessons include:

  • Technology Enhanced Music Program Online– TEMPO:  This revolutionary teaching program was created by the West Bend Music Academy. It blends cutting edge technology with our lesson programs.

  • Advanced Technology Lesson Rooms: featuring hi definition audio/video cameras connected to 50 inch computer monitors.

  • Access Lessons From Home: When students register for lessons, they are given a TEMPO username and password to login. During the lesson, teachers can record practice audio/video clips and upload them to the students TEMPO file. Parents and Students can access their TEMPO lesson file by visiting westbendmusicacademy.com and clicking the TEMPO Login button.

  • Original Instrument Method Books: We discovered the existing instrument method books lack the innovation our teachers have come to expect. That is why we are proud to offer our very own Guitar Method digitally accessible when you login to TEMPO

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